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Upcycled Art at Hatch

As many of you know, the deadline to the EcoSquared Art Show is November 21st. I thought I’d share with you some of the artwork in the gallery that incorporates upcycled materials. Upcycled is still a fairly new term, you can learn more here. And remember, the main criteria for Ecosquared is to use something upcycled, have it measure between 6″ square to 8″ square, and have it ready to hang on the wall. We are so excited to see what all of you creative Wisconsinites come up with! Please feel free to leave questions or concerns here in the comment section.

Reclaimed steel and spray paint. “Birds on a Wire” artist Liv Aanrud.

Acrylic house paint on upcycled canvas. “Yellow Leaves” artist Lynn Lee.

Diorama made from a drawer, newspaper and found objects. Artist Beth Heeney.


Wall sculpture made with reclaimed wood, found objects (saw blade, nails, drain cover) and wire. Artist Bryan Richgels.

Acrylic painting with incorporated old maps on a cabinet door. Artist Tammy Schreiter.

“Spring”. Found objects (silk flowers, fabric, rope) on upcycled canvas and frame. Artist Beth Heeney.





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February Featured Artist, Liv Aanrud

The Hatch Art House February featured artist is Liv Aanrud. Her work will be showcased all month long with an opening reception Friday, February 10th from 6-9pm. Refreshments will be served.
Liv Aanrud creates sculptures, wall hangings and functional work using scrap metal, a piece of something that changes form once again. Liv explains; “I like that metal work can look old and new, and changes with the shifting daylight. I use imagery that draws from the natural world in the hopes that my art will be half as interesting as looking out of the window.”

Artist, Liv Aanrud

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