Hatching Artists

Artist Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in being a Hatch artist…

  • -Make sure you’ve visited Hatch to determine a good fit. This is not a necessity but it is strongly encouraged.-We only accept Wisconsin (resident) artists.
  • -Hatch, along with most Madison galleries, has a 50/50 consignment rate.
  • -Hatch juries in their artists. We have limited space and may have to request you resubmit at a later date.
  • -Please understand, we do not accept walk-in submissions. I am happy to talk with you and answer questions while you shop but I would not be a responsible shop owner if I ignored customers and other shop duties.

If this is okay with you, this is how you should submit your work…

Hatch only accepts e-mail submissions.

-Send e-mails to hatcharthouse@gmail.com

-The subject line should read: Artist Submission

Include in the email: A short bio about you and your work, numerous photos (jpegs) of your work or a link to photos of your work (Etsy, website, etc.) and retail prices. 

When we have a spot to fill, we will look through our computer files and find an appropriate fit.

I wish I could respond to everyone and apologize if I don’t. I promise to be in touch if I think your work will be a good fit at the moment. Otherwise, be patient…I may be in touch soon. If not, please don’t take it personally! Hatch accepts work that will sell to our market at the time.

“Green Acres” -T. Schreiter

3 responses to “Hatching Artists

  1. Karen

    Do you offer classes for children?

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