A cross between red and yellow, orange seems to be a color associated with fall. The turning of the leaves, pumpkins, or in my case…orange construction cones. With the street construction days from completion, we have a lot to look forward to here at Hatch. October is filled to the brim with good stuff… MMOCA’s Gallery Night, Habitat for Humanity ReStore Salvage Art Show, and perhaps the biggest event of all, THE END OF WILLY STREET CONSTRUCTION! So please stop by and visit us! Remember, we do have a parking lot behind the building off of Baldwin Street.

Orangey goodness in the shop…

Fused Glass adjustable rings, $25 each Studio DeBre
Teacup Soy Candle in Mangolicious, $10 Naystalgia
Retro Hiball Soy Candle in Mangolicious, $16 Naystalgia
"Coral Belle" Necklace, $24 Twinkle Toes
Orange vase, blown glass, $93 Nathan Gieseke
"Favorite Step Ladder" watercolor 6"x6" T. Schreiter
Lisa Penning Purse, $120