June Featured Artist; JD Wolfe Pottery

For the month of June, we are hosting “The Mug Show” with JD Wolfe Pottery! Lots of mugs and plenty of other functional ceramics created by Jennifer Wolfe. The artist reception will be Friday, June 7th, 6-9pm. Jen will be on hand to answer all your pottery questions! Refreshments will be served.

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Mugs! By JD Wolfe Pottery

November Featured Artist; JD Wolfe Pottery

Jennifer Darner Wolfe’s stoneware pottery speaks of quiet connections and modern lifestyles. She’s inspired by the Scandinavian roots of the Wisconsin she grew up in, big Wyoming skies with sagebrush dotted hills where her children were born, and the nesting comfort of those she loves. Her personal voice in clay is formed through the playfulness of the process and her love of minimalist design. Jennifer’s ceramics will be showcased at Hatch for the month of November, with an artist reception Friday, November 11th from 6-9pm. Refreshments will be served.

February Featured Artist; Aly Wheeler

The featured February artist for Hatch Art House is Madison ceramics artist, Aly Wheeler. Alison Wheeler grew up in the beautiful Driftless area of southwest Wisconsin. She spent most of her childhood outdoors, climbing trees and working on her parents small organic farm. So naturally, the outdoors is where a lot of her inspiration is found. Her pottery is playful, yet functional. Alison enjoys working with her hands, and finds that every piece created is an individual. She used slip trailing, carving, and hand building techniques to make each piece as unique as possible.

Aly will have her work showcased at Hatch Art House from February 1-29 with an artist reception Friday, February 12th from 6-9pm. Refreshments will be served. 
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aly wheeler